Hunter 'Showtime' Bauer Racing #24

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Hunter Bauer

Hunter "Showtime" Bauer 
DOB: October 2, 2004
HEIGHT: 5'3"
WEIGHT: 100 lbs
CLASSES: 450 DTX Novice, 450 Open Novice

At the age of 3, Hunter showed a great passion for motorcycles and racing. His racing career began at the age of 5 competing in the 50 CC Class in both Flat Track an Moto Cross Racing. Hunter showed great skill and poise in both.

It was at Welland County that his natural talent and his love for speed completely won hiim over and he has won the Flat Track Canadian National Title every years since!

Over the years, Hunter has attended various race schools to help further his skills and to work toward his goal of becoming a professional racer.

From his Flat Track racing style to his strong work ethic, strong family values and his positive attitude both on and off the track, Hunter is a sponsors dream. He loves being around the Pros, where he revels in learning from their knowledge and experience. Hunter is also a mentor to his peers and the younger racers. Whether he is helping work on a bike or simply passing on his experience to others, Hunter is always lending a heping hand.

His hard work has paid off, resulting in Hunter earning a spot on the KBR Racing Team and a factory ride from Honda Canada.

The future is looking bright for "Showtime"



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